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This journal is to serve as my newest writing journal, and will chart…

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This journal is to serve as my newest writing journal, and will chart the progress of my works. At the moment, I'll probably be mostly charting my novel/uni project 'A Ghost Between Us'

Main Characters –

Lorenzo Tagliarini – The main character, son of a former chief of the carabinieri, who works as a barber in Mussomeli. He is engaged to Teresa De Agostino, and in typical Sicilian fashion is absolutely devoted to her, with her parental approval. He is generally calm, though has a Sicilian temperament. After Teresa is killed he becomes enraged and sets out to avenge her dishonour and death by picking off her killers one by one. Travelling from Mussomeli to Acquaviva, past Sutera and Campofranco, into Canicatti and finally to Agrigento where he confronts Vincenzo and Nunziato.

Physical characteristics – 24 years old, medium height, medium to broad build. Messy dark brown hair, Roman nose, light olive skin with a tendency to burn. Reddish brown eyes, small and almond shape.

Vincenzo Fauci – The main antagonist, a former associate of the Sicilian mafia, sent down by Salvatore ten years prior to the story. He used to employ Nunziato and Mario to do errands, but they were left in the lurch while he was in prison. His original plan was to exact revenge on Salvatore but Teresa ended up getting in the way. He doesn’t do his dirty work himself, rather he lets his three ‘minions’ do it. After being in jail he is careful to cover his tracks. He was born and raised in Sutera.

Physical characteristics – 43 years old, leathery skin. Small, hard eyes and thick eyebrows, slick brown hair peppered with grey. Tall and lean. Thin, veiny hands. Chain smokes, and has a low, rattling voice because of it. Nicotine stained fingernails, yellowing teeth and a beguiling smile.

Nunziato Caruso – A sexual predator, one of Vincenzo’s men. He used to do most of the unpleasant jobs for Vincenzo and his Mafia associates, such as disposing of bodies (his brother owns a pig farm) Not content with merely disposing of Teresa, he ‘dishonours’ her as well, an act which his younger brother Mario shows great disapproval of. It is for this reason that he is Lorenzo’s primary target, after Vincenzo. Nunziato is a deeply unpleasant character and is lewd and arrogant. His mother died when he was very young and his father was barely around, so he considers Mario’s family his own.

Physical characteristics – 28 years old, average height and build. He has an appendectomy scar and two front teeth missing after a fight in his youth. He has a large nose which leans to the right slightly. His skin is peppered with moles. His hair is longish and slightly greasy.

Other Important Characters -

Salvatore Tagliarini – Lorenzo’s father and former chief of the Carabineri. A relatively minor character, he has since retired and owns a small olive grove on the outskirts of Mussomeli. He is killed and his olive grove destroyed as an act of revenge by Vincenzo, who, along with several members of the casa nostra, was sent down by Salvatore ten years ago.

Physical characteristics - 55 years old, fairly tall but beginning to hunch over a little. Carries his weight round his face and middle. Consequently he is slightly jowly and has a very round face, though very kind. His hair is almost completely grey.

Mario Frangiamore – Close friend of Nunziato since childhood. Mario is the archetypal ‘loose cannon’, prone to fits of irrational rage and terrible destruction. It is unknown whether this goes deeper than a mere personality trait. He is an only son and considers Vincenzo his mentor. Not very much is known about his past, although his parents were devoutly religious.

Physical characteristics – 28 years old, very slim, very dark skin tone, almost Arabic looking. He has a thin moustache and very thin features, dark eyes that dart around almost constantly, as if panicked. He dresses very smartly.

Michele Caruso – ‘Topo’, as he is known (a Sicilian nickname meaning Mouse, often given to the smallest boy in a family) is the younger brother of Nunziato. He is reluctant to get involved with Vincenzo’s business, preferring instead to earn his keep as a mechanic. He is often forced into things by Nunziato, who he obeys not only because of his respect for his family, but because he is too compliant to tell him no.

Physical characteristics – 19 years old, very slim without being harsh and gaunt like Mario. He is prone to tanning dark very quickly. Attractive in a slightly feminine way. Close cropped brown hair with a small nose stud.

Teresa D’Agostino – Lorenzo’s fiancée, she is very close to his family. She lives with her mother who is a bit of a battleaxe, fiercely independent despite her age. Teresa is a generally nice person, rather quiet and bookish, who is planning to move to Palermo in order to go to university.

Physical characteristics – 26 years old, short, fairly slim, dark eyes with long eyelashes. Light brown hair, slightly freckled skin, hazel eyes. Full lips, dresses very modestly.
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On February 21st, 2006 01:43 am (UTC), crispycommando commented:
Oh boy story time! I love stories.

I hate cactuar though. Fuckin asshole with his insanely high damage. Really now... did you just decide to make an icon out of Final Fantasy's 2 most annoyingly cheap enemies?
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On February 21st, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC), abstract_daddy replied:
Tonberries > You
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